General information on Visa

 Visas are issued in the Japanese Embassy, and cannot be obtained at the port of entry in Japan. The visa confirms the validity of a foreign national’s passport and also suggests that the bearer of said visa would not pose any problem as long as he/she enters Japan in accordance with the conditions specified on the visa. Furthermore, holding a visa is only one of the requirements for a landing permission application at the port of entry of Japan and does not guarantee that the holder of the visa will be able to enter Japan.
Further details for visa
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+673 8014663
 ※Brunei ICI holders may contact the Embassy directly.

Vietnamese, Russian and Ukrainian languages are available at following website:   JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE 

1. Temporary Visitor Visa (Tourism, Short-business affairs, Visitng acquaintances)

Nationality   Short term Visit VISA 
Bruneian nationals  Duration of stay is 14days or lessNote 1: A visa is not required
 Duration of stay is 15days and more or specific purpose of visit: A visa is required
Brunei Certificate of Identity holders
(Brunei PR)
 A visa is required to enter Japan
 Please check validity of Certificate of Identity and re-entry visa. It must have validity for more than 6 months.
For foreign nationals  Please check here
 The Embassy only accepts visa applications from those who reside in Brunei Darussalam(Who is holding Valid Brunei IC and valid re-entry visaNote 2.). In other words, you cannot apply for a visa if you are a short-term visitor such as a tourist, or if you are visiting family members in Brunei. 
However, if there are unavoidable circumstances, you may consult with the Japanese Embassy.
Note 1: The arrival day is counted as Day 0.  (e.g. If the date of arrival is 1st April, Brunei passport holders without a visa are allowed to stay in Japan until 15th April.)
Note2:The Brunei re-entry visa must cover whole journey, untill returning back to Brunei. 
Documentation to be submitted for a Visa Application

  The requirements listed here only serve as basic guidelines, and required documents may vary according to nationality. The Embassy reserves the right to request additional documents or call the applicant for an interview whenever deemed necessary.

2. Transit Visa

Documentation to be submitted with Visa Application
  1. Valid passport
  2. Visa application form
  3. One passport-sized photo on a plain background taken within 6 months of the date of application, must be glued to the application form. DO NOT STAPLE.
  4. Copy of e-ticket
  5. Third country visa (if required)  

3. Work or Long-term stay (including Student Visa)

Documentation to be submitted with Visa Application
  1. Valid passport
  2. Visa application form
  3. COE ( An original or copy)
   ※Useful information for foreign nationals who will be residing in Japan.
   ・Foreign national coexistence policies

4. Specified Visa (Designated activities)

   Desital Nomad Visa

5. Other information related to visa application

(a) Please DO NOT STAPLE any documentation or photographs.
(b) The applicants may be required to submit additional documents if needed.
(c) The passport needs to have at least 2 blank pages remaining.

B) Processing Period
Each visa applications takes  5 working days for processing, but in certain cases it may take longer. There is no express services for visa applicaiton. Applicants are advised to apply for a visa well in advance of a trip. 
For foreigners working in Brunei, please apply at least 3 weeks prior to departure.

C) Visa fees (Application date from 1 April 2024 to 31 March 2025)
Single entry visa
B$8.00 for Indian Nationals
B$29.00 for Other Nationalities
Some countries have visa fee exemptions.

Transit Visa
B$1.00 for Indian Nationals
B$7.00 for Other Nationalities

D)Travel information

E)Travel Insurance

F)Information on COVID-19


Visa Section Operating Hour
Monday to Thursday: 8:30am to 12:00noon and 1:30pm to 4:30pm
Friday: 8:30am to 12:00noon and 2:00pm to 4:30pm
(For Month of Ramadan: 8:30am to 3:00pm)
Closed on: Public Holidays

If you have further inquiry, please email us at or call for general inquiries to JAPAN VISA INFORMATION HOTLINE .
*This hotline is designated for visa applicants residing in Burunei Darussalam.