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Pop Culture

asianbeat “asianbeat,” a multilingual pop culture website which encompasses manga, anime, fashion and pop music, run by Fukuoka prefecture.

Halal Food in Japan

Halal in Japan Halal In Japan is an information website introducing all types of Halal and Muslim-friendly places and businesses in Japan. It aims to offer extensive information about businesses catering to the growing needs of Muslims residing in Japan as well as visitors from abroad, whilst also providing general tourism information.
Halal Gourmet Japan HALAL GOURMET JAPAN is the most popular gourmet finder for Muslims in Japan with many restaurants on the list.
Halal Media Japan HMJ is an information portal for Muslims in Japan. You can find halal restaurants, mosques, prayer spaces and tourist attractions here. Maps for Muslims, of Tokyo, Kyoto and Sapporo, are also available.