Loaning items, audio and video related to Japan

The Embassy’s library contains items, audio and video materials related to Japan for the purpose of understanding and promoting Japanese culture
Borrowing items / audio and video materials Items
  • Yukata set for girls (limited to 2 sets)
  • Yukata set for boys (limited to 2 sets)
  • Happi coat (limited to 5 pieces)
  • Japanese Flag (limited to 1 piece)
  • Calligraphy set (limited to 3 sets)
Audio and Video

(limited to 5 DVDs)
(also available on YouTube)
Terms and conditions Loaning is possible if the following requirements are met:
  1. The borrower is not an individual but an educational institution, organization or company.
  2. The purpose of borrowing the items is to understand and promote Japanese culture at events or classes hosted or co-organized by the borrower.
  3. The borrowed items must be returned 10 days from the day they are received.
  4. Clothing should be returned after dry cleaning and ironing. Kindly send to a cleaner for dry cleaning and provide us with the receipt upon returning the clothing.
  5. Items must be returned in the same condition as when received. In the event of any damage, loss or if the item is markedly worn out, the borrower agrees to reimburse costs as requested by the Embassy.
  6. The borrower agrees that any borrowed items (in particular, the audiovisual materials) that are borrowed will not be duplicated.
  7. The borrower must come to the Embassy of Japan personally for registration and return of the items.
  8. The borrower must fill in and submit the application form containing the necessary information before borrowing the items from the Embassy.
Steps of applying for the item
  1. Confirm that the above “terms and conditions” requirements are met.
  2. Make inquiry to the Embassy of the items you want to borrow.
  3. If the item is able to be borrowed, an application form should be completed.
  4. Please submit the application form together with the borrower’s IC copy and event information to the Embassy.
Steps of returning item
  1. Please return the borrowed items before or on the date agreed.
  2. The returned items will be checked and if the Embassy determines that the above requirements “Terms and conditions 4” or “Terms and conditions 5” are not satisfied, the borrower will need to provide payment or repair based on the instructions of the Embassy.
Application form
File (PDF Download)
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