Japanese Language and Culture Programme during JIS Enrichment Week 2024

The Embassy of Japan welcomed students to experience Japanese culture during the Jerudong International School (JIS) Enrichment Week 2024 held from 1 to 5 July. Activities included a cooking demonstration by the Ambassador’s chef, calligraphy, bon-odori, a yukata-wearing session, judo, 3 Gagaheads comedy performance, Japanese radio taiso (morning exercise) and introduction on Japanese Yokai (monsters), with the assistance of the Brunei Judo Federation, Ms NAKAZONO Keiko, the 3 Gagaheads performers and the Embassy of Japan.

The students had a chance to visit Embassy of Japan and the Japanese Ambassador’s residence to complete some of their activities.
On the first day, JIS students had a lively dialogue with Ambassador MAEDA on his diplomatic career. At the closing ceremony on 4 July, the students received certificates to mark the completion of the programme.