Registration for the 2024 Japan Foundation programme has begun

Registration for the 2024 Japan Foundation programme has begun. Please read the guidelines for details on registration. The guidelines can be viewed on the Japan Foundation website and available for download in PDF format. 
 Applications have been accepted through the "Japan Foundation Registration Website" since last year. Each programme has its own page and link for download; after filling out the application and other necessary documents, please upload them to the programme's website before the registration period ends.
  1. Programmes that can be registered for Brunei
I   Art and Cultural Exchange
  • Ishibashi Foundation/The Japan Foundation Fellowship for Research on Japanese Art
  • Exhibitions Abroad Support Programme
  • Support Programme for Translation and Publication on Japan
 II Japanese-Language Education Overseas
  • Programme for Specialists in Cultural and Academic Fields
  • Support Programme for Organizations in Japanese-Language Education
  • Training Programme for Teachers of the Japanese Language
 III Japanese Studies Overseas and International Dialogue
  • Japan Foundation Japanese Studies Fellowship Program
  • Grand Programme for Japanese Studies Projects
2. How to register
Create a new account on the Japan Fund's registration website and send the necessary documents for the program to the website in file format before the deadline.

3. Reference 
Brief information of each programme, registration criteria and application deadline are clear in the link above. For clarification of the registration and application documents, please read "General Instructions (Japan Foundation official website)". Should you have further questions, please ask the Culture and Information Section of the Embassy.